Smart Device Controllers

What are Smart Device Controllers?

Devanture smart device controllers (IoT, telematics, IIoT) are for system integrators, they give the flexibility to create innovative and cost-effective IoT solutions. It provides powerful building blocks to connect various existing Things, and unifies different protocols as IoT standard: MQTT, HTTP then empowers IoT applications development for data streaming, analytics and prediction solutions. In environments like telematics and IIoT with wide range of device and cloud support.

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How does it work?

Devanture Smart Device Controller ADK

  • Ready to use software for multiple choice of hardware.
  • Easy to port of new hardware.
  • Use cases configured by configuration software
  • Ready developed and tested application for multiple industry ready use-cases
  • OSGi based Service oriented application with standard bundles¬†
  • Service oriented software new application creation or additional services and on the fly update.
  • Readymade bundles for sensors, protocol and communication.
  • Multiple bus interfaces bundle ready to connect and configure.
  • Sensor database for abstract signal for services. Rule engine-based signal configuration
  • Rule engine based automated upload.
  • Communication stack to connect to standard or custom cloud.
  • Connection manager improves reliability of connection, low power consumption.
  • Configuration by web interface, Health checking, remote debugging using remote manager.