Efinix Launches Titanium Ti180 FPGA for Advanced AI and ML Applications

Efinix, a pioneering company in programmable product platforms and technology, has introduced its Titanium Ti180 FPGA. This FPGA, with 180,000 logic elements, provides exceptional performance in a cost-effective, low-power package. Designed with 2.5G MIPI interfaces, the Ti180 is aimed at addressing the growing demand for higher-resolution sensors in AI and ML applications, particularly in the automotive and virtual reality markets. It boasts higher MIPI data rates, which facilitate sensor aggregation and offer a flexible and cost-effective solution.

Key Features:

  1. Significant Logic Density: The Ti180 offers three times the logic density of previous Titanium family members while maintaining a small 10 mm x 10 mm footprint.

  2. Quantum Compute Fabric: Leveraging the radical Quantum Compute fabric, the Ti180 achieves an energy efficiency 15 times greater than previous Efinix FPGAs, making it ideal for space- and power-constrained embedded computing applications.

  3. LPDDR4 Interface: Equipped with a hardened LPDDR4 interface, the Ti180 ensures ample bandwidth to external memory.

  4. RISC-V Processor: Features a Linux-capable quad-core RISC-V processor, making it an excellent platform for high-performance embedded computing where high-speed access to local storage is crucial.

  5. Low-Power Option: Efinix offers a low-power variant of the Ti180 without the LPDDR4 interface for applications prioritizing energy efficiency.

AI and ML Acceleration:

The Ti180 facilitates hardware-accelerated AI and ML applications, helping to expedite development in the ever-evolving AI market without non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs.

Quantum Acceleration Strategy:

Efinix has been promoting its Quantum Acceleration strategy, which leverages FPGA fabric to significantly accelerate algorithms within its Sapphire RISC-V engine. The Ti180 takes this approach to the next level, offering Linux-capable, quad-core performance, and allowing room for dynamic and highly configurable hardware accelerators and custom instructions.

Fabrication and Partnership:

The Ti180 is manufactured using the TSMC 16 nm process, capitalizing on the process’s cost-effective energy efficiency. Efinix collaborates with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) to harness the superior performance and power efficiency of the 16 nm process. They envision further collaborations to drive innovation in next-generation FPGA technology, particularly in AI and ML applications.


Efinix’s Titanium Ti180 FPGA stands out as a remarkable solution to meet the demands of AI and ML applications, providing impressive performance, energy efficiency, and flexibility, particularly in the fields of automotive and virtual reality. This addition to the Titanium product line signifies the company’s commitment to innovation and partnership in the semiconductor industry.

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