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Beyond Distribution: Building Partnerships, Delivering Solutions.

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Our journey, shaped by decades of expertise in Electronics and IoT device development, began in 2012. Combining hardware distribution and software development, we’ve crafted unique value propositions allowing us to offer integrated solutions for our valued customers

As an independent and value added distributor of Electronic components, Industrial Automation products and IoT solutions, Devanture aims to deliver exceptional outcomes for both our customers and suppliers as the “Distributor of Choice”

Our comprehensive line card for both board level components and device manufacturers from around the globe combined with our close partnerships with broad range authorized distributors allow us to offer our customers with high quality, traceable and innovative technology solutions.

Devanture serves the needs of customers in several verticals (OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, System Integrators). Our custom and in house technology solutions ensure that we add value by offering complete solutions to our customers.

Partnerships – We believe in creating strong and long-term partnerships with both our customers and suppliers to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Value Added Distribution – We don’t just want to be another supplier. We want to be the supplier of choice and we want to ensure that we add value to our customers with our service offerings.

Supply Chain Solutions – We offer customized supply chain solutions to optimize your operational processes for maximum efficiency.

Global Reach – Our global locations allow access to manufacturers and solution providers to meet your needs.

Innovation – With our combined experience in technology sector both Hardware and Software, we can help you unlock new ideas and bring them to life.

We advise global leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities.

We are a global distributor of Electronic Components, Industrial Automation products, and Cutting-Edge IoT Solutions!

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