5 Major Mistakes OEMs or Lighting Companies should avoid before choosing LED Components

The LED lighting industry is currently pushing levels of innovation hitherto unheard of. The advancements within the LED world is enabling lighting designers and manufacturers to come up with state-of-the-art lighting systems and luminaires.

But, wait! Like every other happening thing in the market, there’s a catch here as well. Trying to jump on to the LED bandwagon and reap the benefits without having a thorough understanding of the nuances can be fatal for your business. Here are some major oversights that OEMs should be aware of to ensure that your business stays sustainable.

  1. Buying from Unknown Sources: Purchasing LED components from unrecognized or unreliable sources can lead to subpar product quality, increased repair and maintenance costs, and a shorter product lifespan. Counterfeit parts are also a significant concern, causing substantial financial losses.

  2. Being Unaware of the Supply Chain: Understanding the LED supply chain, including the companies involved in the manufacturing process, can help OEMs improve their business operations and effectively market their products to the right audience.

  3. Specifications Mismatch: Mixing different components from various sources can lead to issues related to performance, product lifespan, and increased costs. Collaborating with a knowledgeable supplier can help ensure that all components work seamlessly together.

  4. Laboratory Testing vs. Actual Performance: Testing LED components under optimal conditions might yield results that differ from real-world performance. OEMs should be aware of potential variations between tested parameters and actual product performance.

  5. Choosing a Supplier with No Support: Selecting a supplier without adequate customer support can lead to difficulties during product development, engineering support, and handling product failures. OEMs should seek suppliers that offer comprehensive after-sales support, technical assistance, and efficient warranty claim procedures.

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