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Build your high-performance cloud devices with ease

Develop and Deploy devices with Macchina Application development kits. Macchina Device development building blocks comes with Infrastructure and custom or pre-integrated edge services and applications for telematics and IoT devices.


Embedded S/W Solutions

Macchina embedded Software development Solution for Smart Things. Macchina Embedded software building blocks (ADK) is a standard, safe and secure embedded software platform capable of running on any processors including microcontrollers (MCU), microprocessors (MPU) and System on Chip (SoC). Macchina provide infrastructure and per integrated edge services m to give expedite your device development, it allows you focus on your applications.

Smart Device Controllers

Devanture smart device controllers (IoT, telematics, IIoT) are for system integrators, they give the flexibility to create innovative and cost-effective IoT solutions. It provides powerful building blocks to connect various existing Things, and unifies different protocols as IoT standard: MQTT, HTTP then empowers IoT applications development for data streaming, analytics and prediction solutions. In environments like telematics and IIoT with wide range of device and cloud support.

IoT Building Blocks

Devanture Edge Data Network includes the ability to connect easily and securely to a wide range of sensors and devices, and even bundle their cost into the Devanture subscription. To ease your development, you can choose from our range of sensor products, these sensors can also be pre-integrated with our gateways provide an ease to create a solution that is well tested and ready to deploy.
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Who Are We?

Devanture bring decades of rich experience in the Telematics, IIoT, IoT device space to help you with your IoT device development. Whether you are trying to validate your promising IoT idea in the market, IoT enabling one of your legacy devices, scaling up your IoT based solution, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed.

Internet of Things

Develop your devices with power of Macchina to make it feature rich with pre-processed enhance data, rich communication and service-oriented architecture to provide actionable data to your feature rich cloud solution.

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